Chanpionship was finished!
Congratulation,the champion Mr.RUKAWA Kyon!
and thank you for your join 🙂

about E-S2000

E-S2000 is the championship through RBR-CZ plugin.


Allowed class in E-S2000 is S2000 only.


・This championship is held in 3 rounds.
・Each rounds are held in 1 week(Monday to Sunday,GMT+9)
・If you join following rallies and finish on 1st to 15th,and you can get championship points automatically.
・For all drivers at RBR-CZ(RBR Tournaments).
・about 90km-100km at each rallies.
・Every rallies have all the surfaces,snow,gravel,tarmac and some bad or random weathers.
・Damage setting is realistic.
・Enabled to choose tyres at some situations,but Disabled to choose tyres at other situations(it depends on the round or stages).
・Super rally are allowed at every even numbered stages.
・3 minitus will be added if you recieve super rally penalty.


[FINISHED!]Rd.1 06.09(Mon)-12.09(Sun)
[FINISHED]Rd.2 20.09(Mon)~26.09(Sun)
[FINISHED]Rd.3 04.10(Mon)~10.10(Sun)


If you finish in 1st-15th,you can get following driver’s points.
[table id=2 /]

Extra Points

    If you finish without super rally penalties,and you will get 5 points as extra points.

    But in case that if you got over 3 minutes penalties without super rally penalties(retires),
    please comment me this page or tweet me on twitter(@tsute2) about the situation.
    And you have to send me replays in such a situation.

Ustream broadcasting

DUCK tsute2(the host of E-S2000) will broadcast this championship at my Ustream channel.

I will broadcast of Round2 at 23th September.It will start at around 9pm(GMT+9).
Round3 on 7th October.Starts at around 9pm(GMT+9).

Overall Standings

[table id=1 /]


[finished!]Shakedown round on RBR-CZ is here.

date : 16.08.2010(Mon)-22.08.2010(Sun) GMT+9
You can’t choose tyre except SS1.
You can choose setups at all the stages.
CAUTION : This round is shakedown.No championship points for everyone.

Result of Shakedown

Thank you for your join!
[table id=8 /]


[finished!]Round1 on RBR-CZ is here.
date : 06.09.2010(Mon)-12.09.2010(Sun) GMT+9
Total distance : 106.6km
You can choose tyres and setups at all the stages.

Result of Round1

Thank you for your join!
[table id=5 /]


[finished!]Round2 on RBR-CZ is here.
date : 20.09.2010(Mon)-26.09.2010(Sun) GMT+9
Total distance : 91.6km
You CANNOT choose tyres except SS1.

Result of Round2

Thank you for your join!
[table id=6 /]


[finished!]Round3 on RBR-CZ is here.
date : 04.10.2010(Mon)-10.10.2010(Sun) GMT+9
Total distance : 102.1km
You CANNOT choose tyres from SS8 to SS16.

Result of Round3

Thanks for your join!
[table id=7 /]

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12 years ago

Sorry for very late responce!
and Thank you for join this shakedown 🙂
To finish rally is always best result!

12 years ago

rally was good, but my run was the result that was not good lol