Finished All the Legs!

Thank you very much for your join!
and Congratulations to DEDENGA Dentaku!
It was a perfect victory 🙂

Final point standings here!(link to Google Document)

About 2010-2011Rally

This is the event for all cars,all classes through 3Legs on RBR-CZ.
Just fun for happy new year 🙂

Schedules(GMT+9) and Rallies

Leg1 27th Dec.2010 00:00-28th Dec.2010 23:59
Leg2 29th Dec.2010 00:00-30th Dec.2010 23:59
Leg3 31th Dec.2010 00:00-1st Jan.2011 23:59


Allows to change your cars and classes in each legs.
Realistic Dameges
Corner cut judgement : true
You can’t see the sprit times while you are running.
Only entrants can see the results at RBR-CZ during the rallies.
If RBR-CZ server will down over 24 hours,it won’t be held substitude rallies.
(ex.if server down at leg2,I will calculate the points of leg1 and leg3)

Point System

You can get following points by your classification results in each legs.(not overall results!)
[table id=2 /]

and there are some bonus points…

Extra Points

You can get 5pts if you don’t retire rally.

Random Points(to overall stage times)

I’ll give you 7pts at specific positions in each stages,which will be published at 25th December,2010(GMT+9).
and this points are applied to overall stage times(not classification stage times!).

Point System Example…

Leg1…3rd on A8 class,no extra and random points[40pts]
Leg2…6th on S1600 class,no extra points but 1 time random points[20pts+7pts=27pts]
Leg3…1st on WRC class with extra points(no retires) and 3 times random points[60pts+5pts+21pts=86pts]
Total points=153pts

Which positions will be applied the “Random Points”(will be publish at December 25th 2010)

Shakedown Rallies

I will hold some Shakedown rallies before this event.

First shakedown is this rally(-11th Dec.2010) and applied following random points.Results here!

#RBRT ランダムポイント:SSタイムのある順位の方に7pt加算するというものです。今回の適用順位…SS1:4th,SS2:8th,SS3:12th,SS4:3rd,SS5:5th,SS6:15thとなります。こちらのポイントはクラス別ではなく、全クラス対象のタイムへの適用ですless than a minute ago via V2C

Second shakedown event has 2Legs.Leg1(Dec.14-16),Leg2(Dec.17-19).Random points are applied to following positions at each legs.Results here!

#RBRT シェイクダウン第二弾Leg1のランダムポイント適用順位は、 SS1:2nd,SS2:13th,SS3:9th,SS4:1st,SS5:7th,SS6:10th です。less than a minute ago via V2C

Random Points are applied to following overall stage times(Published at Dec. 25th)

[table id=10 /]


click here(link to Google Document)

If you have the questions,please leave comments.

Enjoy the event and I hope your 2011 year will be great.
Good luck to all the admins and drivers at RBR-CZ!

from 2010-2011 Rally admin,DUCK Tsute2,Japan

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